Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If we wanna play politics, we have to be good at it.

While the twitter and media community engaged in mockery of the Muslim Brotherhood and admonishing them, and before them the Salafists, and perhaps after them the liberals or seculars, at that time there were five parties moving on the ground to contact the Egyptian citizen :

  1. Muslim Brotherhood.
  2. Liberal Egyptian Party, which began early in the move, led by Naguib Sawiris, trying to get enough support before the upcoming parliamentary elections.    
  3. Media broadcaster/anchor and presidential candidate Buthaina Kamel whose effort is impressive visiting many cities and villages, especially in Upper Egypt helped by the experience gained from contact with people through the movement of  "Shayfenkom".
  4. Egyptian Democratic Party led by Mohamed Abul-Ghar, the founder of the March 9 political movement.
  5. Some attempts of individual or systemic groups whose impact is limited.
In the meantime, there have been some signs of clashes between the police and the people in some incidents,  that was sufficient to occupy the public, including "effective" public opinion,  for a period of time giving more time for the preparation of the next step in the plan: "not to prosecute the former president of Egypt Mubarak", or at least to have him tried in a "controllable" trial.
Yesterday I read through the Internet the Declaration of the Official Gazette stating that the officers of the Egyptian Armed Forces will be tried under the military court even after their retirement regarding any graft accusation that could have happened before their retirement.

In my opinion, that this declaration aims at one of two points: either the SCAF is trying to apply it to the former president so as not to be tried before civilian judges which might expose more than can be controlled, and the other point, which I tend to believe more, that the Council wanted to occupy activists with this declaration and its replies while taking time for the preparation of a further step that will be a surprise for many and a satisfying solutions for the others for getting out of this crisis: the announcement of the death of Mubarak as a result of his illness.
I generally do not want to step ahead of the events or follow the rumors, but I need to draw the attention to the fact that now we should switch our main "rule of conduct" from reaction to the Council steps to do be one step ahead and play our move letting the council do its "reaction" instead, one step at a time leading the game to where we - the people - want and finally, if we wanna play politics, we have to be good at it, knowing the rules ain't good enough.

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